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Cycling Orthotics

Cycling orthotics are custom made carbon fibre orthotics that are specifically designed for cycling.  The mechanics of the foot and ankle are different in cycling than any other exercise.   As cycling is a non-weight bearing there are different forces exerted on the foot.

Custom made cycling orthotics help align the foot and lower limb by reducing medial deviation or twisting of the foot in the cycling shoe. This enables the foot to become a more rigid lever to allow optimum power translation from foot to pedal, allowing the cycling orthotic to help improve comfort, reduce fatigue and prevent injury.

Custom made cycling orthotics also reduce forefoot pressure on the toes by appropriately distributing the forces on the foot and eliminate the burning sensation in the ball of the foot that many cyclists get when riding. Aligning the foot and lower limb will also reduce stress applied to the knees.

A cycling shoe is completely different to a walking or running shoe thus a cycling orthotic has a very different prescription that must also fit the confines of the cycling shoe. They are made from carbon fibre which is both light weight and extremely durable. A proper cycling orthotic must mirror the shape of the foot as well as matching the shape of the cycling shoe.

Cycling orthotics are designed to meet each person’s individual needs as no two feet are alike and also no two cycling shoes are alike. It is important that you bring in your cycling shoes to the appointment. These will be taken to the Orthotic Lab for the cycling orthotics to be tailored to your shoes for maximum performance.

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